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The different types of skin used in leather goods manufacturing depends on the type of animal and the tanning methods used. The most common one is the cow, but also other animals such as buffalo, lamb and goat, our specialty.
Buffalo skin is very similar cow, although some more resistant and less costly; also lambskin and goatskin, much fine and characteristic grain. Its main features are flexibility, lightness and softness.
The leather finishing is usually full and corrected grain:

Full grain leather
This is the top layer of skin, the outer layer, which is in contact with the outside.
This is the best of the best when it comes to the skin, and it is the most expensive one. All natural skin. The easiest way to determine if the leather is full grain is by searching for scars and minor imperfections such as scratches or insect bites. These natural imperfections are the hallmark of a great leather. It is the part of the skin of higher quality, over time, becomes more natural. The full grain leather can be presented in two finishes:
• Aniline: natural leather that has not received any coating. The essence of natural leather.
• Semi-aniline: Leather dye or pigment, this thin film provides regularity and uniformity to the skin as well as protection from external elements and the use.

Corrected grain leather
It is full grain leather, which show an excessive amount of scratches or scars and it is polished or sanded.
As a result an impeccable natural leather is obtained without scars with a smooth or almost smooth relief. The finishes can be semi-aniline or pigmented.

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